Watch: Ben Carson Spox Battles CNN’s Cuomo Over Carson’s Muslim Comments

Monday on CNN’s “New Day,” Armstrong Williams, the business manager for Ben Carson’s 2016 presidential campaign attempted to set the record stright on Carson’s comments about Muslim’s who follow Sharia law being president of the Untied States.

Things got heated after host Chris Cuomo said, “Set it against the context of Ben Carson just getting into that situation with Jake Tapper, where he basically, as a minority himself, blames all minorities as Muslims, for believing something about the faith that is not true. And pushing the country to believe all Muslims want to put their faith before the Constitution. Is that being a gentleman and the leadership that would make a president of the United States?”

Williams, shot back, “You actually think I’m going sit here to let you take an unfair shot at Dr. Carson about what he said and not respond to your pettiness that you just put on the airwaves when we have millions of people watching? No.”

Cuomo said, “I read the transcript. If you want to take personal shots go ahead. I read the transcript and you talked about all Muslims. You didn’t say only those who put Sharia before the Constitution. You talked about all of them. Own your words. Don’t make them about me but what you said. Go ahead.”

Williams said, “Dr. Carson is very clear that there is no litmus on faith. The fact of the matter is unless someone rejects Sharia law and the tenants of Islam, which is in direct contradiction of the Constitution, he cannot find himself, though preference of choice, supporting the Muslim for president of the United States.”

He continued , “You’re a little emotional and need to calm down so you can hear what everybody is saying … Dr. Carson, again, does not support anyone who embraces the tenants of Islam, that embraces Sharia law, which disrespects woman, will kills gays, kills their own people, Muslims who dont adhere to that faith, because there is a contradiction between Sharia law. It’s not compatible to the Constitution of the United States.”

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