Watch: Stanford Football Team Uses Virtual Reality to Prepare QBs for Game Situations

On Saturday’s “College Gameday” on ESPN, the Stanford football team showed off its use of virtual reality with quarterbacks to help read defenses and pick up blitzes.  This technology being used with quarterbacks also allows coaches to get in the minds of the quarterbacks as they look at the way defenses are set up, so they can see what their quarterbacks see.

Founder and CEO of STRIVR and Stanford special teams graduate assistant Derek Belch created the complete 360 degree 3D simulation and the product is now used widely in college football and is now making its way into the NFL.

“When I first put those glasses on and saw what it looked like, my mind started racing, which was, ‘Ok, this could work. Not only could this work, but it could be phenomenal,'” said Stanford head coach David Shaw of the virtual reality. “This is one of the game changers. This is going from black and white to color. If you don’t take advantage, you’re now at a disadvantage.”

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