Carson: Obama’s Sympathy Appears ‘Ideologically Based’

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson argued President Obama’s “sympathy seem[s] to be ideologically based” on Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “On the Record.”

Carson stated, [relevant exchange begins around 2:50] “Well, you’ll notice that his sympathy seem[s] to be ideologically based, you know, when, for instance, when a person is killed by the police, a black person, that becomes a big deal. But when a policeman is killed, you know, barely a mention. You know, that probably is not a balanced approach, when somebody is killed by, you know, an illegal person who’s here illegally, you know, that’s a real tragedy, you know, Kate Steinle’s situation. You know, why is that kind of ignored? And my only point is if he had a tendency to look at all of these in an equal manner, and share his condolences and encouragement in an equal manner, then I don’t think there would be the resentment.”

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