Hispanic Superfan: Trump Is a ‘Beautiful Human Being’ Sent From Heaven

Friday on “CNN Newsroom,” the Hispanic woman named Myriam Witcher who went up on stage at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s Las Vegas rally Thursday, talked about her love for Trump in an interview with Brooke Baldwin.

When asked if she had ever met Trump before being on stage with him, Witcher said, “Only in my dreams. You are not going to believe what I’m going to tell you. I believe in law attraction. I believe in being a positive person. And three nights before he came to Las Vegas, I told my husband, ‘Oh, I have dreams. You can’t imagine. I saw Mr. Trump in my dreams. And I saw him like I had the opportunity to give a hug.’  And I had my Facebook page, and I wrote so many times, Mr. Trump, I am a Hispanic person, and I hope I have the opportunity to give a hug to you. He doesn’t know me. In my pictures — I don’t have pictures in Facebook about myself.”

When Baldwin asked if Trump’s comments about mass deportations and Mexican rapists bothered her Witcher said, “It doesn’t bother me at all. Mr Trump is 100 percent right,” she added, “He is my perfect man, everything he says is absolutely right.”

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