Lead Palestinian Negotiator Criticizes Netanyahu For ‘Military Solution,’ Praises Efforts of Obama and Kerry

Lead Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for pursuing a “military solution,” while praising the efforts of President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry for a two-state solution on Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.”

Erakat said, “Now Benjamin Netanyahu is taking [a] military solution, arming his people, putting roadblocks, re-diving Jerusalem…the only thing no one is talking about, is that if this prime minister stands tall and reach[es] out to the Palestinian neighbor and tell[s] them, ‘I feel you. I hear you. I know your urge for independence, your freedom, you dignity. We’re going to make a two-state solution.'”

Erakat further maintained, “We have recognized Israel’s right to exist, and the only way out for us the Israelis is not through more military solution[s], more violence. It’s through the two-state solution.” He also accused Netanyahu of destroying him as a negotiator.

“Wolf, we need a political solution. he [Netanyahu] has foiled President Obama’s effort to achieve a two-state solution. No one has done more to achieve the two-state solution more than John Kerry, the secretary of state. He foiled him. he foiled all of us. He has done nothing, Benjamin Netanyahu, but destroy the Palestinian moderate camp, and the Israeli moderate camp.”

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