Graham: ‘Iran is Just Slapping Obama and Kerry in the Face’

On this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) discussed President Barack Obama’s plan to send 50 special forces troops to assist Syrian rebels in their fight against President Bashar Al-Assad and predicted Secretary of State John Kerry will cut a deal with the Russians and Iranians.

Graham said, “If we don’t hit them there, they will hit us here. Here’s what the president has done basically, he’s surrendered on two fronts. His goal of degrading and destroying ISIS, this strategy will not work. At the end of the day Barack Obama has turned out to be a completely incompetent commander-in-chief. He doesn’t listen to sound military advice, leaving iraq too soon led to the rise of ISIS. And John Kerry is completely delusional man. What we’re about to accomplish is to turn Syria over to Russia and Iran, and to make sure that we never destroy ISIS on Obama’s watch, and pass this mess on to the next president.”

He added, “I see Russia and Iran mopping the floor with Obama and Kerry. Russia is all in with Iran to support Assad. President Obama said Assad must go. The Russians say no, he will stay. They’re fighting to keep Assad in power. Assad is a puppet of the Iranians. His regime will not be accepted by the Syrian people. He slaughtered 250,000 of them. It will destabilize the region and now Obama’s allowed Russia to dismember Syria like he did the Ukraine and the Russians are back in the Middle East strong. They’ve never been stronger since 1973. This is a complete disaster for us, it means the war never ends, the refugees continue to flow, and ISIS has recruiting opportunity now — come to Syria and fight our mortal enemy, the Shia Persian Iranians. This is screwed up at every level. Assad is winning. We’re losing. ISIS is getting stronger. The 50 going on the ground are in harm’s way without chance of success. I cannot tell you how bad this is. This is what John Kerry will do. He will cut a deal with the Russians and Iranians, where they gets control over Syria. The Iranians will have another air capital under their control, and he will declare victory. Since the nuclear deal, the Iranians have test-fired a missile in violation of the sanctions. They have put troops on the ground in Iraq to hurt our interest and have jailed the fourth American business person. Is this the change we are hoping for? Iran is just slapping Obama and Kerry in the face.”

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