Donald Trump: ‘Of Course’ Ben Carson Would Do ‘SNL,’ But He Wasn’t Asked

Thursday on NBC’s “Today,” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump weighed in on remarks his opponent Ben Carson had made last month about the possibility of him hosting “Saturday Night Live.”

Carson had told Bloomberg TV he would decline an invite. However, according to Trump, Carson would accept an invitation, but they just haven’t asked him to be a host.

“He’s referring to the ‘Saturday Night Live’ and he said he would never do it,” Trump said. “But of course he would do it. They didn’t ask him to do it. And you know ‘Saturday Night Live’ is a special thing. It’s like being on ’60 Minutes.’ I was on ’60 Minutes’ a month ago. There are certain iconic brands, iconic things. He would certainly do it if he was asked. I mean, every president you can think of and many of the candidates have done it, too. But I don’t think they’ll ask him and if they asked him he would do it.”

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