Carson: Trump Attacking Me Will Depend on ‘If He’s a Gentleman or Not,’ Would Reject ‘SNL’ Invite

In an interview with Bloomberg Politics Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, 2016 GOP presidential contender Ben Carson reacted to his new leading position according to a poll in Iowa and discussed the possibility of the current front-runner Donald Trump going on the offensive.

“I guess it depends on if he’s a gentleman or not,” Carson said, when asked about the possibility of being attacked by Trump. “We’ll find out. If he does attack me, I will continue to talk about the issues. My personal interactions with him have shown him to be a gentleman. I think there’s another element sometimes when he’s on camera.”

Carson also said he wasn’t interested in being guest host on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” as Trump will be on November 7.

“I think the presidency of the United States is a very serious thing,” he said. “I don’t even want to begin to put it in the lightness of comedy.”

Carson went on to say that if he were struggling in the polls, he wouldn’t stick around.

“I would leave because to me you know, this is about the people and the will of the people and not particularly about a position I want to ascribe to,” he added. “If other people were polling much higher and there was a lot more enthusiasm about them, I would say, ‘OK, it’s been nice. Let me go do something worthwhile.’”

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