RNC Chair Priebus: Media Has ‘Vendetta,’ ‘Crazy Obsession’ with Carson’s Past

Monday on NBC’s “Today” show, Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus accused the media of having a “‘vendetta” and a “crazy obsession” with the past of Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson.

When asked if the media should ask the questions, Priebus said, “Well, look, I would imagine some questions are appropriate, but I do believe that this is a totally crazy obsession over incredible details from 30 and 40 years ago, whether it be this issue or some of the other issues highlighted earlier in the segment among other candidates. The fact is, you know, we kind of wish the media would just be obsessed or half obsessed with Hillary Clinton’s lies of many years.”

He continued, “Yeah, but the difference is that the media is actually, you know — they do have an actual vendetta or at least an agenda against some of these candidates. In regard to Hillary Clinton, the media sort of, yeah, they cover it, but they cover it with a laugh and a wink and a nod and you know, isn’t it horrible she had to sit in a chair for 11 hours. I mean that’s the tone of the coverage of Hillary Clinton — it’s a tone of this is silly, let’s move on, whereas, with the Republicans it’s, hey, can you believe that, you know, 40 years ago this happened or that, hey, you know, this credit card over here. I mean, those are things that might be interesting for, you know, a question, but not an obsession. I would say that Hillary Clinton’s past is something that people ought to be obsessed with.”

He added, “Sure. and people asked the question and he answered it. So I mean, you know, I think, okay, asked and answered, and I think people need to move on to the next question. I’m not saying that questions aren’t appropriate. Of course, people can ask questions, but I think you get to a place where all the questions have been asked.”

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