Watch: Video Captures Paris Terrorist’s Attempt to Shoot Woman, Gun Doesn’t Fire

As terrorists attacked Paris on November 13, eventually killing 129 people, surveillance video obtained by the Daily Mail from an unnamed cafe shows shocked patrons running away and ducking for cover under tables and chairs as bullets were sprayed through the windows.

A woman who was outside of the restaurant when the attack began found refuge near the front door.

One of the attackers, 26-year-old Salah Abdeslam, who is believed to still be on the run, walked over and put his gun inches away from the woman’s head, but the gun did not shoot.

Upon the realization that his gun was jammed, the terrorist then lifted it and walked off.

The woman who was inches away from death then gets up and hurries away, with another woman who had been next to her following closely.

Fortunately, no one was reported killed in this particular attack.

(h/t KUTV)

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