MSNBC Guest: The ‘Root’ of How Policing in the US Got Started Is ‘Evil’

National director of the Black Youth Project 100 Charlene Carruthers reacted Saturday on MSNBC to the shooting death of a Laquan McDonald.

Carruthers wanted to talk about the “goodness of cops,” saying the “root” of how the police began in the United States is “evil,” “negative” and “visceral.”

“I think we have to center the most marginalized in this story, and the police, they’re going to be alright, but my people aren’t alright. We take it very, very personally when our lives are taken. We talk about the goodness of cops. Let’s talk about how cops even got started in this country. And if the root of how you got started is evil and it’s negative and it’s visceral, then the fruit that you bear is going to be equally as violent and it’s going to overshadow the so-called good acts.”

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