Limbaugh to GOP Candidate Trump Detractors: If It’s Going to Be Easy for Hillary to Beat Trump, Why Can’t You?

Wednesday on his national radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh questioned the Republican candidates that have made the claim that if their party’s current front-runner Donald Trump is the nominee, then the likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will easily defeat him in next year’s general election.

Limbaugh specifically referred to GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, who had made the disparaging remarks about the potential of Republican voters nominating Trump at a press event according to The Des Moines Register.

He went on to question that notion, stating that if it is going to be so easy for Clinton, then why haven’t any of the other GOP candidates, including Fiorina, been able to unseat Trump from the front-runner spot.

“This, by the way, this is becoming the reason the Republican Party wants to get rid of Trump, is that they will just get wiped out by Hillary Clinton.  He’s just gonna be, I mean, it’s gonna be the worse landslide we’ve ever seen.  Trump is just gonna get buried.  It’s gonna be a tsunami.  She said, “If Donald Trump’s the nominee of this party, she will wipe the floor with him.  We will also lose the Senate, and we may well lose the House. She would be very happy, very happy to face Donald Trump.”  Carly, you know we’ve spoken very positively of you on this program many, many times.  You haven’t been able to wipe the floor with Trump.  Why will Hillary be able to?  Is Hillary that much better than you?  You say Hillary’s gonna wipe the floor with Trump?  Why haven’t you?  If it’s gonna be so easy for Hillary to wipe the floor, why can’t you?  If it’s that easy.  Why can’t any of the others on the Republican side?  If it’s that easy to wipe the floor with Donald Trump, how come nobody’s doing it?”

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