Watch: Trump Slams Will, Krauthammer, Hayes

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump criticized Fox News Contributors George Will, Charles Krauthammer, and Stephen Hayes at a rally in Mesa, Arizona on Wednesday.

Trump said, “Drudge is great. How good is Drudge, right? Great guy. he’s a great guy. So, they do these online polls where they have hundreds of thousands of people. So, they vote, somebody would say, ‘Oh, well they’re not reliable because maybe Trump’ — you know they have hundreds of thousands. You think I’m going to have my people sit there and make hundreds of thousands of phone calls? And then they don’t report it anyway if I win, because if I win they don’t report it. They have these guys like George Will. You fall asleep listening to this guy. If he didn’t wear the little spectacles he wouldn’t even be bright, nobody would think of him as — this is George Will. I mean, I’ve got to tell you, Krauthammer, he’s terrible. he is so unfair to me. He is the worst. He is the worst. And I’m not allowed to criticize him, so I’m going to be very nice. Krauthammer, he’s terrible. He’s terrible. You have a guy named Stephen Hayes, I’ve never even heard of this guy. When my name is mentioned it’s like…he goes crazy. Now, part of the reason is they all said I was never going to run, right? And then I ran. Then they say, well, he’ll never file form A, that’s basically a single page where you sign your life away. And I went like this, ‘Uh, let’s go.’ Boom, I sign. Then they said, well, maybe he’s not as rich as everyone thinks, and he’ll never file his financials, and if he does, he’ll file them in two years from now, because you’re allowed a lot of extensions. I filed them ahead of schedule, in less than 30 days, okay?”

(h/t Mediaite)

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