Trump: The Last Person Hillary Wants to Run Against Is Me

Wednesday on Fox New Channel’s “On the Record,” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump defended the term “schlong,” which he used to describe Clinton’s defeat in the 2008 Democratic party presidential primary race, and said the Clinton camp is most afraid of facing off against him in a general election.

Trump said, “To me it always meant to get beaten badly. That’s what happened to Hillary Clinton—to be beaten badly. To me that’s a reference to getting beaten and pretty decisively. When I said it, nobody in the audience thought anything about it. They clapped. They didn’t view that as being a horrible thing and then all of a sudden I get back in and people are calling about it. And, you know, when they checked it out, some pretty quality people have been using that term over the years. So I think I probably skirted by that one, Greta, What do you think? ”

Trump continued, “I really haven’t gone after Hillary yet and there is a lot to go after. She is very susceptible, I think—look, the job she has done. I think it’s going to be easier in some cases than some of the people I’m currently running against. My focus has been on this. If you look at the people that have attacked me, those people are are out of the race or they have gone down to nothing. They are sitting in the race but they are really down to nothing. So I’m fine with Hillary. I think the last person and I know for a fact — the last person she wants to be running against is me. And if you look at the CNN  favorability numbers, one of the commentators said he has never seen numbers go so high so fast. I think I’m going to do a great job. I think people like me but they have to hear me. People like me sometimes.”

He added, “I think I’m presidential, and I think I have done presidential work. I have built an incredible company. I have made great deals. I have had tremendous success even with The Apprentice and “The Art of the Deal” and I built one of the great real estate companies and some of the best assets in the world. We have 19 trillion in debt. Soon to be 21 trillion in debt. Trillion, hard to believe I’m even using that word. Trillion in debt. And it’s the kind of thinking you can’t have a politician doing it at this point. It’s too far. They are all talk, they are no action. Nobody knows politicians better than I do. I know all of them.”

Trump also weighed in on the omnibus spending bill passed by Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama last week.

Trump said, “I wouldn’t have accepted. I thought it was an outrage. In fact, you look at Franklin Graham, I think is a fantastic guy and so do you. He left the Republican party over it and having to do with Planned Parenthood probably more but probably having to do with everything. How that got passed. It’s actually even more than 1.1 trillion is. You look at how that thing got passed. So quickly and so easily. And what was approved. I would have done a much different thing.  You would have negotiated. But I would have started a year ago, Greta. You can’t just go in there one day and start. You have to go and go back to the basics and you have to start much earlier. They passed this budget. Now, nothing will be done for 364 days. and then they will have another budget coming up and they will pass it. And you can’t do that. You have to start working from the day the last budget is passed. Now, you look at this bill, and it’s an outrage. I was amazed that it passed and it passed so easily and so quickly. I thought it was disgraceful.”

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