Kasich: Trump Supporters Who Attacked Obama for No Experience ‘Got Amnesia’

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” when asked about his opponent Donald Trump Republican presidential candidate Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) accused Trump’s supporters of having “amnesia” when it comes to supporting someone with no experience.

Host Chuck Todd asked, “You’ve been a candidate that says you will support whoever the Republican nominee is but you had an add that created an illusion to Donald Trump and fascism and the Nazis. Given that you ran an ad like that, how can you feel comfortable supporting Donald Trump as a Republican nominee?”

Kasich said,”Well, first of all, that’s not what that was about. It was a POW who served in Vietnam and Hanoi Hilton, was tortured for five years who said the country needs to be brought together, the country shouldn’t be divided and I’ve been arguing all along that we have to have real solutions to real problems and people who divide or, for that matter, people have no experience. Chuck, let me tell you this — Republicans have run around for seven years saying this ‘I can’t believe we picked a one-term United States senator who has no experience to be president.’ I just sometimes wonder whether the party’s got amnesia.”

Todd interjected, “But you didn’t answer the question on trump. Why are you comfortable with him — why would you be comfortable supporting him as a nominee?”

Kasich added, “We have a long way to go to the nomination. I don’t believe he’ll be the nominee and secondly I’d like to see his positions become more positive. I’ll tell you this, if he comes into Ohio as a divider, he can’t win. I want to beat Hillary Clinton. We need somebody that will lift people and unite people.”

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