Buchanan: Obama’s Gun Action Not ‘All That Grave’ ‘Pretty Much In Favor Of’ Background Check Move

Columnist Pat Buchanan argued President Obama’s executive action on guns is not “all that grave and all that serious” on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

Buchanan said, “I don’t think it really is all that grave and all that serious. Background checks, I’m pretty much in favor of. They’ve got them in Virginia.”

He added, “But the real issue here, John, the American people have voted. Last year, they bought 20 million guns. Every time one of these incidents occurs, these mass shootings, gun sales skyrocket. The American people quite frankly do not believe that they are sufficiently protected, and they’re buying guns. There are over 320 million of them in the United States already. As a political issue, the Republicans and the conservatives have the whip hand with a very powerful, admitted minority who are gun owners and gun buyers and gun believers. But I do think the president has one issue here, and that is on background checks. By and large, Americans are basically in favor of making sure people with mental disease, or people who are guilty of felonies, or criminals, do not get firearms in their hands. But they do believe in firearms.”

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