Van Jones: Trump is ‘Inspiring’ Racist Groups

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” former Obama administration “green czar,” now a CNN contributor, Van Jones accused Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump of “inspiring” racist groups.

After host Jake Tapper played a audio clip form a robocall that is being played in Iowa from a white nationalist group that supports but has no connection to Donald Trump, Jones said, “It will be denounced. It should be denounced. But this is troubling. If I were Trump, it time to look in the mirror? Who am I inspiring? Who am I attracting. Why will horrible racist groups say the I’m the only candidate that speaks for them? My deep concern is that Donald Trump is beginning to legitimate some of the dark things that have been in our country for some time and starting to let them elevate, let them rise. If I were Trump I would look in the mirror.”

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