Krauthammer Blasts Hillary’s Email Defense, Cynical, She Knew What She Was Doing Was Wrong

Columnist Charles Krauthammer argued that Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s explanation for an email that appears to show her telling an aide to remove the headings from a classified document is “cynicism” and Clinton knew what she did was wrong on Monday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

Krauthammer stated that Clinton’s explanation is [relevant remarks begin around 5:05] “cynicism. I mean after all, look at the logic of what she said. I asked him to do this, but she says it didn’t happen, well that’s irrelevant. It wouldn’t have happened. Well, why wouldn’t it have happened? You asked him to do it. It wouldn’t have happened, because that’s not how I do things, but she just did it. That was the instruction she gave. And the other part is if this is completely innocent and routine, why would you scrub the heading? It makes no sense. she knows it. She puts a smile on her face. She brazens her way through it. I have to admire her for that. But I think she knows that this is a real vulnerability. In the end, it’s all about the legality of this and will there be a criminal referral. If there isn’t, her nomination is not in jeopardy.”

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