Maher: Trump Would Be More Manageable Than Cruz, Can Tell GOP ‘They’re F*cking Idiots’ For Not Working With Dems

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher argued Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump would be more manageable by the establishment than fellow candidate Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and Trump has the ability to tell Republicans “that they’re f*cking idiots” for refusing to deal with Democrats on Friday.

After author Jon Meacham said, “I guess I accept the emerging conventional wisdom that Trump would probably be slightly more manageable by the establishment [than Cruz].” Maher responded, “I agree. I heard him yesterday say something that you don’t hear Republicans say, and that happens fairly frequently, which is, Ronald Reagan made deals, I’ll make deals. Now, they’ve been getting by for the longest time, as Ted Cruz does, saying, ‘I don’t work with the democrats That’s why I’m great.’ And they all applaud, and Trump has this ability to come out and tell them that they’re f*cking idiots, and no, Ronald Reagan… he made deals, and i’m the deal maker.”

Maher also commented on National Review’s criticism of Trump with, “This is not who votes. The people who vote are reading Internet chat rooms, and emails from their Uncle Cletus.”

He concluded by asking, “isn’t that why Trump is effective? He has what I think Reagan and Obama had. People look at him and see what they want. The conservatives see a conservative. The people who aren’t see something else, and the words don’t matter.”

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