Rumsfeld: ‘Can’t See’ How Banning Muslims From US ‘Makes Sense’

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld stated that he “can’t see” that banning Muslims from entering the US “makes sense” on Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead.”

Rumsfeld said, “[T]he problem is going to be dealt with, certainly by people who are not Muslims, but it also has to be dealt with by people within that faith. And the number of extremist Islamists within the faith is a minority, but a minority that’s not trivial, and it’s well-armed, well-financed, and well-organized, and very successful on social media, in terms of recruiting. So I can’t see that banning people of that faith makes sense, because we’re going to a need to recruit them, and we’re going to need to engage them, and we’re going to need to have support and cooperation if we’re to prevail. Now, do we have to do a darn good job of vetting people? You bet. And the report you just presented with the ease people have of falsifying documentation to get in and out of countries is a terribly worrisome thing.”

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