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Exclusive — Donald Rumsfeld on ‘Ideological’ War on Terrorism: ‘To Pretend It’s Not a Violent Radical Strain of Muslim Faith Is Utter Nonsense’

Rumsfeld’s comments come in the wake of the latest attack, on Thursday night in Nice, France, after a several-year-long period of a growing number of attacks on the United States and Western European nations. Deadly attacks have occurred in recent weeks and months in Orlando, Florida, San Bernardino, California, Paris, and Brussels.


Rumsfeld: ‘Can’t See’ How Banning Muslims From US ‘Makes Sense’

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld stated that he “can’t see” that banning Muslims from entering the US “makes sense” on Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead.” Rumsfeld said, “[T]he problem is going to be dealt with, certainly by people who


Rumsfeld: ‘No Question’ US Losing War on Terror

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said “there is no question but that we’re losing” the war on terror in an interview set to broadcast on Friday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.” “I can’t justify my comment numerically, but there is no question


Rumsfeld: I Don’t Think Obama Will Listen to New SecDef

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld predicted that President Obama would not listen to new Defense Secretary Ashton Carter on Tuesday’s “On the Record” on the Fox News Channel. “He’s a good man, and in my view he was a good