Buchanan: Trump, Cruz Winning on Populism, Patriotism, Nationalism, Anti-Establishment, Repudiation of PC

On Monday’s broadcast of Sean Hannity’s radio show, conservative commentator Pat Buchanan laid out what he saw as the winning ingredients of Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

According to Buchanan, it’s not the traditional planks of the Republican platform that are winning the day but things that lend themselves to appealing to “outsider anger.”

“The thing is, I think what’s winning is not so much you know, small government, cut taxes, cut capital gains taxes,” Buchanan said. “What’s winning Sean is populism, patriotism, nationalism, defiance of the establishment, repudiation of political correctness. All of these are things that are sort of outsider anger. This is an enormous component of both of those campaigns. And I think the two of them probably disagree on issues of trade and foreign policy intervention. But those are coming to the fore as well.”

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