Limbaugh: Megyn Kelly, Fox News ‘Purposely Hit Conservatives Hard’ to Downplay Conservative Bias Claims

On his Monday radio how, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh fielded a call from a supporter of Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump that asked if Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly was a “good person” despite having taken on Trump’s opponent Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on allegations that he supported amnesty, but later conceded he had not, during last week’s presidential debate.

Limbaugh, who had previously described Kelly as a “good person,” speculated Kelly and others at the Fox News Channel, are trying prove they are not in the tank for conservatives.

“She’s trying to forge her own path in her career,” Limbaugh explained. “And there’s certain things that journalists have to do there. I’m not defending that. She goes after Cruz. She went after Trump. I think when you get right down to it … I think Fox is burdened with this belief that everybody in the media thinks that they’re conservative and they don’t want to be thought of that way. So they will purposely hit conservatives hard to show that they are not friends and not biased in favor of conservatives.”

Limbaugh went on to add that it was a lot like how the GOP goes out of its way to show they’re not the “mean guys.”

“It’s no different than the way the Republican Party tries to constantly prove they’re not the mean guys the Democrats say. Many conservative journalists – it’s not just Fox, many conservative journalists will do and say things hoping to not be criticized as partisan by their brothers and sisters in the mainstream media. I don’t think it’s any more complicated than that.”

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