Trump: Politicians Can’t Fix Problems Because They Are Full of Sh-t

[Warning: Adult Language]

Thursday at a rally in Exeter, NH, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said politicians can not solve problems like the veterans care crisis because they are “full of shit.”

Trump said., “We are going to make the veterans happy, like they should be. They are going to be treated well. You know veterans die waiting on doctors on simple things. They die, they wait in rooms for five days, four days, six days, waiting for a doctor and they die.”

He continued, “No politician is going to solve it. No politician — these people —I would like to use really foul language. I won’t do it. I was going to say they are full of shit but I won’t say that. No it’s true, it true. I won’t say it. I won’t say it. But they are. But I won’t say it because it’s too controversial. Let me tell ya — and of course it’s not politically correct. Our country has become so politically correct we can’t move anymore. We can’t walk anymore, we can’t do anything anymore.”

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