Trump: Ted Cruz an ‘Unstable Person’ Who Lies

Monday in Mount Pleasant, SC, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said his opponent Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was an “unstable person” and described him as someone whose whole deal is to “lie.”

Trump said, “I am the strongest person for the Second Amendment, the strongest, of the  group. Okay. But Cruz just said — I think he’s an unstable person, I really — I really do. He just said ‘Donald Trump does not like the Second Amendment.’ I said the Second Amendment is my whole thing. I have more support from the police. Even now today I get greeted by the police. They really love Trump because I’m the strongest for the police. So the Second Amendment to me is very important. So this guy comes out and says I don’t like the Second Amendment, he says pro-choice. So really have to understand we really have to get the word out because what they do is they lie lie lie and then they apologies like he did to Carson.”

He added, “Now what they should do if Iowa had any guts, the people from the Republican party, which they don’t  —They should disqualify him from winning Iowa. I really mean it, because what he did was a fraud. So They should disqualify him from winning Iowa. So I just wanted to tell you I am pro life. I just wanted to tell am the strongest person on the stage for the Second Amendment. Other things I guess he is going to say — just take whatever I say and just sort of go in reverse. So his whole deal is he will lie, and by the way these are lies —He will lie and after the lie takes place and after the election is over he will apologize.”

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