Trump: Rubio ‘Had a Tough Night,’ ‘At This Point’ Deportations Aren’t Negotiable

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said that “[I]t was a tough night for [Republican candidate Florida Senator] Marco Rubio. He had a tough night” and that deporting illegal immigrants is “absolutely” not negotiable “at this moment” at a press conference in Palm Beach, FL on Tuesday.

Trump stated, “I watched Hillary’s speech and she’s talking about, wages have been poor, and everything’s poor and everything’s doing badly, but we’re going to make it — she’s been there for so long. I mean, if she hasn’t straightened it out by now, she’s not going to straighten it out in the next four years. It’s just going to become worse and worse. She wants to make America whole again. And I’m trying to figure out what is that all about? Make America great again is going to be much better than making America whole again.” Later in the presser, he criticized her conduct with her email as “a criminal act.”

While Trump congratulated fellow candidate Texas Senator Ted Cruz for his wins in Oklahoma and Texas, he stated, “[I]t was a tough night for Marco Rubio. He had a tough night. But he worked hard. He spent a lot of money. He is a lightweight, as I’ve said many times before. But, you know what, we’re going to go to Florida. We’re going to spend so much time in Florida. We’ve got about a 20-point lead. I know a lot of groups, a lot of the special interests and a lot of the lobbyists, and the people that want to have their little senator do exactly as they want, they’re going to put 20 or $25 million into it over the next two weeks, from what just came over the wires. And frankly, I think that’s fine. As far as I’m concerned, it’s fine. And if he wins, they’ll have totally control — total control, but he’s not going anywhere any way. But, we’ll see what happens. But we’re going to spend a lot of time in Florida.” He later added that Rubio’s attacks “hurt him.”

Trump further said the US is “getting killed” on trade, and Mexico is “killing” the US on the border and economically, and vowed to create jobs and lower taxes. He further slammed the Iran nuclear deal and the depletion of the military.

When he took questions from the press, Trump said that he can unify the GOP, and said that while Planned Parenthood does do some good work, he wouldn’t fund them if they perform abortions. He also said he holds strongly conservative positions on veterans, border security, and Common Core.

Trump further stated that he had repeatedly disavowed David Duke and the KKK.

He also said that while his campaign wasn’t just the opening offer in a negotiation, there has to be some negotiation on policy. When asked whether immigration is negotiable, he re-stated that building a wall isn’t. Later, when asked if he deporting all illegal immigrants was negotiable, and whether he would allow the illegal immigrants he plans to bring back after their deportation to stay he said, “At this moment, absolutely no” and denied saying that “everything’s negotiable.” He also predicted he would “get along great with Congress” but that if Speaker Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) doesn’t “He’s going to have to pay a big price.”

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