Alex Marlow: Trump KKK Attack Is Hysterical Media Bigotry

Saturday on CSPAN’s “Washington Journal,” Alexander Marlow, the editor-in-chief of the Breitbart News Network, said the attacks associating Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump with the Ku Klux Klan is “all media hysteria that has been created to target Donald Trump.”

Marlow said, “Yeah the media coverage of Donald Trump is—let’s talk about this latest issue where he represents the KKK. He has been disavowing David Duke since the year 2000. And he is going to have to, because of the CNN Jake Tapper video, he’s going to have to answer to that through the general, assuming he gets the nomination. I would like to ask NBC if, when he had the number one show in prime time TV, if they knew he was some sort of KKK guy? He was some sort of Grand Wizard KKK aligned affiliate. How about all the thousands and thousands of people who worked for the guy? This is all media hysteria that has been created to target Donald Trump. It is not that he is a bigot, it is that the media has always crafted this narrative.”

“We saw this with Mitt Romney, who is mostly a scandal free guy,” he continued. “They tried to pin Todd Akin on him at the very end. Barack Obama’s campaign accused him of murder because someone died of cancer. The media creates scandals around Republicans. That is what they have always done They found this David Duke thing dates back to before he was a mainstream reality TV star in America’s living rooms everyday, so it’s not a fair attack. This is media bigotry and I just encourage people to look at his position, what he stands for, and what he has done his whole life, and not buy the media spin. Make up your own mind.”

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