WaPo’s Gerson: All My Meetings With Republicans Are ‘Therapy Sessions’ Over Trump

Friday on MSNBC’s  “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” op-ed columnist for The Washington Post, Michael Gerson said when he talks to Republicans it has become “therapy sessions” over anxiety caused by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s success.

Gerson said, “Yeah, every group of Republicans that I meet with now, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, are therapy sessions. People wondering how they deal with this fact because it’s not just a political decision here, it’s a moral one. There’s a candidate who’s placed exclusion at the center, at the heart of the Republican message. That’s causing people real concerns. What do you do? Do you sit it out? Do you support a third party candidate? Do you support Hillary Clinton, which might be possible.”

He added, “Look at the pathetic example of Chris Christie and the way he looks in this, and these are horrible, impossible choices that Republicans are talking about all the time.”

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