Cruz: Trump’s ‘Entire Campaign Is Built On A Lie’

Monday on CNN, while reacting to his rival Donald Trump calling him “lying Ted,” Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said Trump’s “entire campaign is built on a lie” because Trump has been “enmeshed in the corruption.”

Cruz said, “Listen, every time Donald gets scared, he begins lashing out, attacking. he begins insulting, yelling. often begins cursing. I’m surprised he didn’t curse in that particular riff. that will change. and, you know, I will say this. Donald’s campaign, his entire campaign is built on a lie. I understand the people who are supporting him … Let me explain. I understand the people supporting Donald. They are frustrated with Washington. With politicians in both parties that have been lying to us that make promises and go to Washington and do the exact opposite of what they said. But if you are fed up with Washington, with the corruption of Washington, then it doesn’t make any sense to support Donald Trump who has been enmeshed in the corruption  of Washington. The lie behind Donald’s campaign is that he’ll stand up to Washington.”

“He is the system,” he continued. “Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are flip sides of the same coin. Donald Trump has made billions buying influence in Washington. Hillary Clinton has made millions selling influence in Washington. Donald Trump has supported liberal Democratic politicians for 40 years from Jimmy Carter to John Kerry to Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton as a presidential campaign, and Donald Trump has enriched himself using government power. And in every instance, Donald believes government is the solution. Whether it was supporting the Wall Street bailout, which he did. He supported Obama’s bailout, supporting the Obama stimulus plan, or using eminent domain to take the homes of little old ladies or to try to do so in order to build a parking lot for his casinos.”

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