Dikembe Mutombo Describes Brussels Attack: ‘A Lot of People Are Hurt’

Tuesday, NBA Hall of Fame center Dikembe Mutombo witnessed the terrorist attack at the Brussels airport.

He called in to CNN to discuss the horrific scene, saying he had been in the Congo and was traveling back to the United States through Brussels when he was woken up from his nap in the airport by people screaming.

Mutombo recalled that “everyone started running,” with one woman shouting, “We have to go, a lot of people are bleeding downstairs, and a lot of people are hurt.” He at first thought it was a joke, he added.

Once he realized it was real, he said grabbed his bag and took off, but he was forced to leave his luggage in the airport.

In closing, the former NBA star offered up his sympathy to those affected by the attack.

“I just feel bad for the family of the loved ones that lost their lives. I feel bad for all of the moms and all citizens there that couldn’t run, they couldn’t move. They were struggling with — a mom with children. It was very crazy. You have everybody running. It was very sad,” he stated.

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