Hillary Reacts to Bernie Calling Her Unqualified: I Will Take Him Over Trump or Cruz Any Time

Thursday in New York City, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton reacted to her opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) calling her unqualified to be president by saying and added her preference was Sanders over either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

Clinton said, “Look, I didn’t — I don’t know why he’s saying that. But I will take Bernie Sanders over Donald Trump or Ted Cruz any time. So let’s keep our eye on what’s really at stake in this election. We have Republicans whose values are so antithetical to what’s right for New York or what’s right for America. And I’m just going to keep doing what I’ve been doing with my friends like [indecipherable] or others for all these years to try to really make a difference in peoples lives.”

When asked about the possibility of Democrats having a contested convention she added, “I don’t really know what that means. Because if somebody gets the number of delegates that’s needed to be nominated, then the convention will nominate that person. And look, I ran a very contested campaign against then Senator Obama. And it went all the way to the end. We worked really hard. He got more delegates. And so I endorsed him. I worked for him. I nominated him at the convention. Because we are going to have to unify Democrats and right-thinking Americans to stand up against the Republicans. Donald Trump or Ted Cruz are just absolutely going to rip away the progress we’ve made. And Trump with his insults of everybody is trying to divide us instead of unify us. So let’s start with the Democratic Party and go from there.”

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