Ben Stein: Trump ‘a Big, Sulking Baby,’ But Right to Question Colorado’s Delegate Selection Process

Tuesday on Fox News Chanel’s “Your World,” former Nixon and Ford speechwriter, actor and author Ben Stein weighed in GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s loss in Colorado of the weekend, which resulted in his opponent Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) taking 34 delegates from the state.

Stein called Trump “a big, sulking baby,” but acknowledged he was robbed by the system.

Stein said of Cruz, “I don’t think he wants to be intimidating Trump’s whiny — I hate to use the word, I have to use anyway — whiny bitchiness about it. I think he wants to show that he is a grown up. I mean there are basically two candidates left in the race. One is a grown-up and one is a big, sulking baby. Now Mr. Trump is not a stupid, big, sulking baby and he latched on to the idea of the rigged party and election but it’s just so wildly dishonest. It’s not rigged if it’s written down.”

When asked if Trump has a point about the primary system in Colorado being unjust, Stein added, “He does have a point to say that but he doesn’t have a point to say he was robbed, robbed by that system. If the system’s rules were out there and everyone knew them and everyone can play by them and only he didn’t play by them and then he assumes he’s bound to win because he’s Donald Trump. I think he has a good point, though. I mean, that idea that we should have elections, there should be primaries on a consistent basis, instead of these party conventions, he’s right about that. He’s completely right about that. But to make an issue of dishonesty of Cruz or the dishonesty of the Republican Party that goes nowhere except straight into a very, very bad character for Mr. Trump.”

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