Trump on Mexico and the Border Wall: ‘They’ll Pay, in One Form or Another’

Wednesday at a town hall in Pennsylvania moderated by Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump brought up wall he had proposed on numerous occasions while on the campaign trail this election cycle.

During that discussion, Trump doubled down on his claim that Mexico will pay for the wall.

“You know the politicians say, ‘They’ll never pay,'” Trump said. “A hundred percent … They’ll pay, they’ll pay — in one form or another. They may even write us a check by the time they see what happens.”

Trump even offered a timetable for the completion of the wall when asked by Hannity, predicting around two years from start date.

“Well, I would say it will be complete two years from the time we start,” he said. “We’ll start quickly, we’ll start quickly. And it will be a real wall. It will be a real wall.”

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