Watch: Trump Truck Roaming the Streets to Protest Treatment of Donald Trump

John Beavers of Belfair, WA is showing his support for GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump in a big way.

So big that you cannot help but notice his large truck decked out in Donald Trump stickers and an American flag.

Beavers said he has never voted, but he plans to this year.

“I’ve never voted in 38 years. I’m not into politicians. I’ve never cared; this is my first year doing it,” he said.

Not only does Beavers drive his truck around to show his support, but he also hands out Trump bumper stickers.

He is even planning to drive down to Hollywood, CA before the state’s primary in June.

“They say [Donald Trump]’s not welcome there. Well I’ll go and park my truck and hand out my free bumper stickers I’ve been making,” said Beavers.

(h/t King 5)

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