Gutfeld: Trump Bashes WaPo As ‘Political Tool,’ But National Enquirer Did the Same For Him

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld argued that presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump’s criticism of the Washington Post “as a political tool,” after the National Enquirer was used as the same thing to boost his campaign on Friday’s broadcast of “The Five.”

Gutfeld said, [relevant remarks begin around 3:15] “He [Trump] goes after the Washington Post in that thing as, he says, Bezos is using the paper as a political tool, kind of like the National Enquirer. Let’s face it, which was used as a political tool to trash Trump’s competitors, when you remember the Cruz mistress story, the Cruz JFK story, the Jeb Bush cocaine story, they were doing a lot of pr work.”

After Gutfeld was questioned on whether Trump owned the Enqiurer, he responded, “Does he own [National Enquirer publisher] David Pecker?”

Fellow panelist Juan Williams added, “[N]ow that you say that, remember Breitbart had all these stories that were favorable — I mean, people were getting suspicious.”

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