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More Fake News: CNN Airs Fake National Enquirer Cover

CNN could not even go a week without another “fake news” scandal. On Friday, CNN executives reportedly went into a “panic” after Jake Tapper’s The Lead reportedly aired a fake National Enquirer cover during a segment on MSNBC host Joe Scarborough’s accusation that President Donald Trump threatened him that the Enquirer would run a hit piece on Scarborough and his relationship with Mika Brzezinski if Scarborough did not apologize for repeatedly insulting Trump.

Wednesday on CNN’s "The Lead," while discussing last week's National Enquirer …

Cruz Campaign Chair: Ted Has Always Been Faithful To His Wife

Wednesday on CNN’s “The Lead,” while discussing last week’s National Enquirer story accusing Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) of having extramarital affairs with five different women, Cruz campaign chairman Chad Sweet declared that Cruz “has been faithful to his wife.”

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FLASHBACK: Sarah Palin Kills False Enquirer Affair Story

In the critical early days of September 2008, after Sarah Palin was nominated as the Republican Party’s candidate for Vice President, the National Enquirer ran a cover story alleging that the Alaska governor had an adulterous affair.

Ronald Reagan UCLA Hospital (King of Hearts / Wikimedia Commons)

UCLA Health Data Unencrypted–and No Policy to Report Lost Laptops

It is not surprising that hackers broke into the UCLA’s health system to try to gain access to some of the 4.5 million patients’ records, given the sheer scale of personal health data that has been compromised. But what is shocking is that those records were never protected with a basic encryption, and lost laptops were not required to be reported. Although UCLA said there was no evidence at this time that any patient files were taken, the investigation is ongoing.