Bernie Sanders Calls California ‘The Big Enchilada’

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” while discussing possibly of winning the California Democratic presidential primary, Democratic presidential candidate Sen Bernie Sanders (I-VT) called the state the “big enchilada.”

Partial transcript as follows:

SANDERS: What I said is obviously California is very, very important. 475 super delegates. obviously, if we don’t do well in California, it will make our path much, much harder. No question about it. But I think we have a good chance to win in California. Maybe win big. And maybe win four or five of the other states that are up on june 7th.

TODD: But without a California victory, you can’t win a majority of pledged delegates and obviously you will once again not succeed in a big state with a diverse population. it’s going to be a hard — it’s going to be hard for you to convince democrats to go with you without a California victory. fair?

SANDERS: hey, look, Chuck. California is the big enchilada, so to speak. Obviously, enormously important and obviously we want to win it. But let me just tell you something, my campaign is written off before we started. Nobody thought we would do anything. We have now won 20 states, primaries and caucuses and by the end of the process, we may win half of the states. So you know, we’re going to fight until the last vote is cast and the last — try to appeal to the last delegate that we have.

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