Lewandowski: Romney Run Means President Hillary and ‘Goodbye to the 2nd Amendment’

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said a third-party run by Mitt Romney or any candidate would hand the White House to the Democrats.

That according to Lewandowski means four or five potential U.S. Supreme Court justices that Hillary Clinton would have a chance to appoint, which he argued would be the equivalent of saying “goodbye to the Second Amendment.”

Partial transcript as follows:

WALLACE: Where do things stand with getting House Speaker Paul Ryan to endorse Trump? And how worried are you and how worried is Trump about the possibility, the continued talk about a third party conservative run perhaps by Mitt Romney?

LEWANDOWSKI: Well, look, a third party ran by any candidate is a complete disaster and you’re handing the White House to the Democrats, which means four or five potential U.S. Supreme Court justices that Hillary Clinton would have a chance to appoint. If she does that, you can say goodbye to the Second Amendment amongst other things, right? You can say goodbye to your rights.

And so, the bottom line is that Mitt Romney decides he wants to get in this race, number one, he is failed candidate. Number two, he’s failed twice. And if he runs a third time, he’ll fail again. But what he will do to the detriment of our country is he will allow a Democrat to appoint four or five Supreme Court justices that are going to be devastating long term to our country. So, if Mitt wants to do that. It’s failure.

Number two —

WALLACE: And what about Paul Ryan?

LEWANDOWSKI: Think of all of the people who have come out in the last two weeks and endorsed Donald Trump, U.S. senators, congressmen, governors. We are growing this party bigger. We are bringing people into it.

Paul Ryan and Mr. Trump have had a conversation and they continue develop that relationship. They had a great meeting in Washington, D.C., where they talk about what was important to both of them. They agree on many issues.

The bottom line is, Donald Trump is now the head of the Republican Party as the Republican nominee. And what we know is that he brings people together and him and Paul Ryan are going to have a great relationship, because at the end of the day, the choice is binary. You either have Hillary Clinton and the White House, or you have Donald Trump.

Now, I think that we know that the American people, Paul Ryan and Donald Trump are going to work very well together to cut taxes and renegotiate our trade deals.

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