Judge Jeanine: ‘The Fix Is In’ With Hillary’s Email Scandal

On this week’s broadcast of “Justice” with Judge Jeanine on Fox News Channel, host Judge Jeanine Pirro delivered a rant on Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama, who recently endorsed Clinton for president, saying that “the fix is in” regarding Clinton’s email scandal.

“The president of the United States is complicit. He was aware of her private email server and actually communicated with her on it,” Pirro said.

“Hillary threatens the president. According to reports, there were 18 emails sent by Hillary from her unsecure server to the president of the United States, and the president replied to at least two of them,” She continued. “Translation — ‘Barack, you knew the one way that I communicated. And if I’m indicted, you’ll be my first witness because you knew in real time as secretary of state that I was communicating on a private server. You knew, as did everyone. I dare you, Barack.’ Now, if any of you are still skeptics, try this on. She was not emailing the president about her yoga classes or her wedding dress. The sad news is, the fix is in, folks, and I just told you why.”

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