Woman Who Shot Video of Water Bucket Dumping on Baby Speaks Out

According to a WTHITV report, the woman who recorded video of a baby getting dumped with gallons of water on her head under the supervision of a babysitter is speaking out after her video went viral.

The woman who recorded the incident says she and several others saw the babysitter put the baby underneath the bucket of water multiple times at a splash pad in Greenwood, IN.

“She had the baby underneath the bucket, the same bucket actually, and was kind of like leaning back but kind of making sure the baby was staying there,” said Desiree Howell, who recorded the video with her phone.

Howell said in an interview that witnesses were so appalled by what took place that one of them even called police.

“I was slowly walking by like, ‘Really is this really happening right now?’” she said. “I was just watching and observing her and the more activity that she did with the baby I realized she was not handling the baby the proper way.”

According to Howell, several people at the splash pad tried talking to the babysitter about how she was treating the crying baby, but the babysitter just ignored them.

A police officer later showed up and wrote in a report that the child appeared fine and nothing was unusual, leaving after speaking with the babysitter.

Howell uploaded the video to Facebook hoping to find the baby’s mother, and found her “within two hours”

Police investigators referred the case to the Indiana Department of Child Services.

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