Rather Slams Media For Lack of Tough or Follow-Up Questions For Trump

Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” former “CBS Evening News” anchor Dan Rather criticized the media coverage of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump by claiming no reporters, with the exception of CNN’s Jake Tapper, have asked Trump tough or follow-up questions.

Rather said, “Well again, what’s disappointed me most is the lack of tough questions and follow-up questions.”

He continued, “Well, he handles tough questions by doing the old side shuffle most of the time. With rare exceptions, I give Jake Tapper credit here at CNN, nobody bores in and keeps asking the tough questions. The other thing that’s disappointed me a bit, and I think there’s been some media complicity in the rise of Trump. It’s not the only factor, but it has been a factor of providing him so much air time, and in some cases being complicit in arranging that air time. So there’s some serious questions. For the news viewer, for the consumer of news, I think never more has it been necessary to deal with skepticism, never cynicism but skepticism. Okay, Trump is on for an hour and a half on this network. Why is he there? The answer, of course, is because he’s very good for ratings and very good for demographics.”

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