Halperin: If Trump Is Going to Win, It Is Going to Be ‘Vintage Trump’

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Bloomberg Politics’ Mark Halperin explained that if presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is going to emerge victorious in November, he will have to go back to his old playbook.

According to Halperin, Trump needs to go back to “vintage Trump,” which is be entertaining and show that he is different.

“I mean, look, there’s no conventional political consultant in either party who would have approved that speech and those digressions. But if Trump, look, if Trump has a chance to win and another reason we’re talking about this are his numbers going to improve if he performs the way he has the last two nights? If he wins, it is going to be with that. It is going to be vintage Trump, where he is not just energizes as Mika said but also confident and also entertaining and also ability to convey the people that he’s different. That he’s not going to be politically correct or business as usual. And he’s going to defend himself and he’s going to lash out at Hillary Clinton. I have no idea how voters in Cincinnati experienced that speech. I suspect they weren’t all watching it all live. And a lot of what is going to happen now, he has to do the fundamentals — the daily performance matters. Pick a good running mate, which he is pretty much focused on. Have a great convention, win the first debate. If he does those things, I think he’ll go ahead in the polls and the performances like that. That’s how he has to perform. That is better for him than the way he was just a couple weeks ago.”

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