ABC News Poll Finds 72 Percent Think Hillary Too Willing to Bend The Rules

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week ,” host George Stephanopoulos said a new ABC News-Washington Post poll  shows 72 percent of voters think presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is too willing to bend the rules.

Stephanopoulos said, “A remarkable 58 percent of registered voters now say they are dissatisfied with the choice before them. The top line, Hillary Clinton draws 47 percent, Donald Trump at 43 percent. That’s a sharp drop for Clinton from her 12-point lead in June. The poll makes clear both candidates enter the convention with huge challenges. Sixty-four percent have an unfavorable view of Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton at 54 percent And coming off the FBI director’s blistering criticism of her as extremely careless, 72 percent now say Hillary Clinton is too willing to bend the rules. Donald Trump’s big weakness, 60 percent call him unqualified. Majorities of Republicans and Democrats now say they’re voting again the other side rather than for their own candidate.”

(h/t WFB)

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