Trump: Bernie Sanders ‘Has Lost His Energy,’ But ‘His Supporters Are Not Exhausted’

Monday following the end of the first of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Fox News Channel aired an interview network host Sean Hannity conducted with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

During the interview, Trump insisted his general election opponent Hillary Clinton was still a “liar,” but on her Democratic primary opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) having encouraged his supporters to line up behind Clinton, Trump attributed it to Sanders having “lost his energy.”

“The problem is Bernie Sanders has lost his energy, he has lost his drive,” Trump said. “I think he is exhausted if you want to know the truth. But who can blame him? But I think he is totally exhausted. But I think his supporters are not exhausted. And his supporters are liking what I’m saying in terms of trade, and we’re getting ripped off on trade deals and lots of other things. So I think we’re going to get a lot of those supporters to come with us.”

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