Axelrod: Hillary ‘Didn’t Give a Great Speech’ at the DNC, But It Was ‘Effective’ ‘In Moving the Ball Forward’

During CNN’s coverage of the Democratic National Convention on Thursday, CNN Senior Political Commentator and former Senior Adviser to President Obama David Axelrod said that Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s speech was “effective” but that “she didn’t give a great speech tonight.”

Axelrod stated, “This is not Hillary Clinton’s event. This is — if presidential races were decathlons, giving a speech like this is not her strength, and she didn’t give a great speech tonight. She did not give a great speech tonight, but she hit some ground that is very, very valuable to her. I think the arguments against Trump, particularly the one I mentioned on commander-in-chief, the other one is going after on the I alone can can fix it, which I think we heard the president work that last night. I think that’s a very damaging argument against him, and not just with Democrats or Independents, but with conservatives and Republicans. I think on the economics, she probably scored very, very well, because people were looking for real proposals that they think might help them, not just trust me, I can do it. I suspect she scored well with that. Was it a great speech? No. Was it an effective speech in moving the ball forward? I think yes.”

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