Halperin: Trump ‘Has Had About the Worst 10 Days of Any Candidate That I Can Remember’

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Bloomberg Politics managing editor Mark Halperin weighed in on the current state of the 2016 presidential race, which presently has many polls showing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump trailing Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton both nationally and in battleground states.

According to Halperin, it’s still a winnable contest for Trump but the past 10 days have left much to be desired for the Trump campaign.

“He wouldn’t have to win either Michigan or New Hampshire to get to 270, but without both of them the path is tough and obviously Pennsylvania is essential to his calculation,” Halperin said. “You know, she’s not at 50 in every one of these polls, or any of them. But she’s close, but to have a third of the vote, you know, or less than 40 percent, it’s not plausible right now for him to argue he can win. But again, I’ll say, and people on Twitter don’t like this – people have overcome much bigger leads than this. She is still a very flawed candidate. He’s done a horrible job. They had a great convention. So he’s got an opportunity here, but people are right, Mika first and foremost, to be skeptical that he can turn it around given he has had about the worst 10 days of any candidate that I can remember.”

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