10-Year-Old Can Recite Entire Constitution From Memory

The name is Bond, Nathan Bond, and he can recite the entire United States Constitution from memory.

The 10-year-old from Fresno, CA stands in his living room decked out in a suit and tie alongside an American flag and recites every word of the Constitution — a task that took him 137 days to be able to do.

Bond’s mother, Heidi Bond, posted the 25-minute video to her YouTube channel over the weekend.

“It was pretty hard,” Nathan told CNN. “I didn’t get one break except on my birthday. The first article  is really hard.”

Nathan, who is home schooled, can also recite the Declaration of Independence, which made him fall “in love with America and the government.”

He started learning the Constitution back in April, working up to four hours a day.

Nathan wants to one day be elected president.

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