Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Debate Advice: Donald, ‘If You Are Yourself, You Will Obliterate’ Hillary

Saturday on  Fox News Channel’s  “Justice With Judge Jeanine,” during host Judge Jeanine Pirro’s opening statement she urged Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump  to be “yourself, and you will obliterate” his opponent Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Pirro said, “Forty-eight hours from what will be one of the biggest television events in history, the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Right now the race is neck and neck, it may even be a photo finish, so the pressure is on. My advice to the candidates, Donald, it’s real simple, you’re new at this, but if you are yourself, you will obliterate her like you did those 16 others on those Republican primary debate stages. Now your opponent cannot handle the truth. She can’t handle a direct question nor is she able to give a direct response. Do not let her do the Washington two-step. Stay on offense without being offensive. And do not let the fact that she’s a female stop you from going after her. She wants to be the leader of the free world—gender is irrelevant. Make her prove that she’s up to it, both mentally, physically, and historically. Make her tell the truth. If the moderator lets her interrupt you, you do the same.”

“If she misrepresents the facts, which she is sure to do, interrupt her and hold her feet to the fire,” she continued. “Make sure to outline what exactly she’s done for us and our pocketbooks as opposed to hers. And how is it that she’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars without a business, a product, or even a website. What case can she make for herself and what has she done for the American people in the last 30 years? Now Donald, we don’t expect you to know everything, you’re not a politician, and that’s what we like about you. We honestly don’t give a damn  if you don’t know who the prime minister of Uzbekistan is, neither do we. And that’s not what brought us here tonight. It’s your ideas, it’s your beliefs, it’s your passion, it’s the nationalism, it’s the American dream that you make us believe is possible for us again.”

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