Van Jones: Trump ‘a Super Predator Running for President’

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” while discussing the lewd comments Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made while being recorded in 2005 on a hot microphone, former Obama administration so-called green jobs czar Van Jones said Trump is a “super predator running for president.”

Jones said, ” well, look, this is a shocking kind of moment I think for the country but I want to say a couple things. First of all, this is the law and order candidate. Let’s not forget, this is Mr. law and order who is now on tape confessing to a crime. He’s confessing to sexual assault. The problem isn’t the talk, the problem isn’t the bad word, the problem is the bad deeds. He’s saying he feels he has the right as a star to sexually assault women. Now, the irony here is this for me — this man came on to the scene politically in New York City attacking five innocent black boys accusing them of what — sexual assault.”

“That was the central part of — that’s right, I’m sticking up for my country,” he continued. “That’s right. He comes on to the scene. He says these five boys committed sexually assault. They were innocent. He never apologized. Then he said Mexican immigrants are rapist, sexual assaulters. And it turns out the sexual assault assaulter, the super predator is the man running for president. We have a super predator running for president, his name is Donald Trump.  I want to challenge the media now, put up the pictures of those five young innocent black boys and Donald Trump and ask America who is a thug here? Who is a thug? It’s Donald Trump.”

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