Podesta on Whether Bill Clinton’s Sex Conduct Was Wrong: ‘They Rendered Judgement’

During an interview in the spin room following Sunday’s debate broadcast on Monday’s edition of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Hillary for America Chair John Podesta said that people “render judgement” on whether former President Bill Clinton’s actions were worse than GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s words, and stated people “rendered judgement” about whether what Bill did was wrong.

Podesta asked [relevant exchange begins around 5:00] if the Clintons’ actions towards various women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct, or had sexual relations with him wasn’t as bad as Trump’s actions.  He answered, “You know, when did this come up? When he lost the first debate, walked into the spin room, said he’s going to get back to 20-year-old matters that were litigated in public.”

When asked again why Trump’s words were worse than Bill’s actions, Podesta said, “I think people render judgement on that.”

When asked what Bill did was wrong, Podesta stated, “They rendered judgement about it.”

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